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InfeCtiON 3

InfeCtiON is an unofficial 2-Day Zombie, Horror & Mystery Convention with Starguests from TV-Series of those genres.  


The Starguests will spend the whole weekend with us and entertain you with Panels on Stage. In addition there will be Autograph-Sessions and Photo-Shootings with the Starguests. Besides the Starguests we  are going to invite Authors of Zombie- and Horror/Mystery-Novels; Lecturers who will inform you about all kinds of Zombie, Horror & Mystery themes and Make-up artists who wil teach you how to look like a Zombie or another creature. Many other great Announcements of Activities will follow during the next couple of Month. 




Please READ: This Event is not a Signing Event at which the guest are sitting at their autograph tables all day. The Con is going to take place in a Hotel with a limited number of attendees and there won't be ANY or NOT MUCH merchandise of the TV-Series. There also won't be any Set backdrops or decoration. The focus is on the starguests, not on any merchandise. BUT you get the chance to meet the guests at a more private event and will be able to get to know them better. You won't have to wait in line for long times and every guests is going to be on stage at least 1x for a panel. There will also be opening and closing ceremonies, photo ops and autograph sessions. 


So, if you want to meet the stars at a more private event at which it also can happen that you meet the guests at the party (as long as you play by our rules of no photo and autographs with/of the guests) or elsewhere and that they even maybe know you by name afterwards, InfeCtiON is the best event for you.


So don't miss this great opportunity to meet the actors of your favourite TV-Series and to spend an amazing weekend with other fans. 






InfeCtiON 3 will take place from March 19. - 20, 2016 in Dusseldorf Hilton Hotel.


You can find Information to all Details in our Infection FAQs.


You can find Information to our location here.



You can purchase Tickets to our Convention in our Ticket-Shop:


!!! Important: Please declare the Names and Dates of Birth of ALL Ticketholders (for Autograph- and Photo-Tickets as well) in the "Note-Field (during ordering Tickets) - ANMERKUNG". The Tickets are personalised and we certificate them on the Ticketholders Name.


Within 24 Hours after your Order you will get an E-Mail (after the Confirmationmail) with all information to you need to transfer the payment. You have to declare the Name of the Ticketholder in the Reason for Payment of your Transfer !!!



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